Oct 26 2017

Seed to Sale Software from Trellis

Youtube video from Trellis Sortware featuring Andy Schnack, now with Catalyst BC.  At the time Andy was the inventory Manager at Harborside.

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Trellis is the premier seed-to-sale tracking software for the cannabis industry. Trellis’s seed-to-sale software helps cannabis producers manage and optimize their operations on robust, cloud-based software, that ensures streamlined chain of custody, regulatory compliance, inventory tracking, cultivation supervision. Trellis customers who have benefited from our seed-to-sale software include a who’s who of top cannabis brands, including Jetty Extracts and Harborside, the world’s largest medical dispensary.

Pranav Sood, founder and CEO of Trellis: “Trellis is an inventory management system for the cannabis industry. Our vision is a consolidated platform that helps operators get that high-quality product, and get it to the people who need it as quickly as possible. We’ve been lucky to collaborate with some of the best operators in the industry.”

Andy Schnack, inventory Manager of Harborside: “It helped us identify some gaps we had in our procedures, so we could operate more compliantly. It just fit our workflow perfectly. We didn’t have to create any additional steps in our process. It’s easy to learn. It’s easy to adapt to. It meets our needs. It meets the needs of our customers.”

Deanna Callahan, Chief Product Officer, Jetty Extracts: “Trellis tracks the plant through every process it goes through. We know from Trellis we can expect 10 percent yields, so we can easily translate that into real numbers that can reflect that value of our company.”

Andy: “Any time we need something, I know I can pick up the phone, and guarantee I get an answer.”

Deanna: “The most responsive team. Any issues we have, they’re resolved instantly.”

Pranav: “We really see a high value in having real-time inventory, and the ability to know exactly what you have, and where it’s at, and manage that whole compliance piece for you.”

Source: Trellis Grows YouTube page

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