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Allele, the genetics division of Catalyst BC, forges traditional breeding with genomic mapping, tissue culture, and micropropagation techniques to support breeding programs that produce unique and proprietary chemovars for businesses that maximize productivity and profit while de-risking and standardizing operations. Allele’s core mission is to combine market-proven genetics with modern agricultural science to improve commercial cannabis cultivars’ performance, maximize quality, and drive profitability. In addition to improved financial performance, highly vigorous, cannabinoid, and terpene-rich cultivars are in high demand and fetch premium prices from a loyal consumer base. Furthermore, these proprietary cultivars or strains can serve as the foundation and differentiator for brands and product lines exclusive to your company.

Utilizing Allele’s operational experience and vast industry network will help your business stay at the forefront when it comes to genetics. The team at Allele works tirelessly to stay ahead of the latest trends, exotic strains, hype brands, and new products. Whether your company is looking to boost your current genetic stable or if you’re starting fresh and would like to build your own genetics portfolio, we can help.

To better understand your project’s unique needs, the Allele team will evaluate your current genetic stock and conduct a performance analysis utilizing available data and collaborative feedback from your team. After a comprehensive evaluation of your current genetic stock and a market analysis study, our team of cannabis cultivators and scientists will collaborate with stakeholders to determine your company’s specific genetic needs and implement breeding programs that produce unique and proprietary cultivars in line with those goals. Ultimately, a proprietary portfolio of curated genetics will maximize overall productivity, profitability and help establish a unique foothold in the market supported by superior and unique product offerings.

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