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Catalyst is the global partner that helps investors and businesses navigate the many challenges associated with the ever evolving cannabinoid industry.

By bringing everything from genetics to retail under one roof, Catalyst is able to strategically solve problems and add value to businesses at any point in their evolution. From licensing to consulting, Catalyst BC is made up of a team of business and cannabinoid experts help you transition and grow within the industry.


The Catalyst Ecosystem

The following companies all work together to cover all facets of your cannabinoids business so you can harvest your success.

Catalyst Partner
Good to Go Management offers full-service project management to ensure pre-licensure success for cannabinoid based businesses. To date, Good to Go has helped secure over 43 licenses for cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensing throughout the US.
Catalyst Partner
Centum provides services and operational consulting to promote safety, efficiency, and compliance for cannabinoid based businesses once licensure is secured. Services include facility design assist, equipment recommendation, operational optimization, facility commissioning, standard operating procedures, employee training, inventory tracking and more.
Catalyst Partner
Palomar Solutions helps companies expand their market presence in the cannabinoid industry. Palomar maintains partnerships with companies that provide equipment, services, and real estate to industry partners.
Catalyst Partner
Allele forges traditional breeding with genomic mapping, tissue culture, and micropropagation techniques to implement breeding programs that produce unique and proprietary chemovars for businesses to maximize productivity and profit while de-risking and standardizing operations.
Catapult provides ready-to-launch consumer brands, Brand IP, Strategic Sales Consulting and Last Mile connectivity that, together, maximize ROI, drive consumer interest, and provide long term brand profitability through strategic consumer analysis and last mile partnerships.
Heart Wood
Heart Wood was founded upon the pillars of genetic stability and operational excellence. Our goal is providing superior cannabinoid and terpene rich genetics, operational support, and go-to-market strategy for large scale hemp producers in the US and abroad.

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