Business Strategy

"Failing To Prepare, Is Preparing To Fail."
-Ben Franklin

A well-developed business strategy that clearly outlines the vision, mission, goals, and path forward is crucial to the success of your cannabis business. This strategy and plan are essential if you’re raising capital, applying for a license, have a conditional license approval, or your company is already operating. As the end of cannabis prohibition continues to take the country by storm, it’s more important than ever for your business strategy to stand out, differentiate the company, and make a great first impression.

Catalyst BC has 30+ years of business and strategic planning experience to help your team develop a business strategy that will lay the foundation for success and help investors quickly understand your company’s value. Our business planning services are custom-tailored to the unique personal needs of each client. Forming strong working relationships with key leaders within your organization will help us better understand the company’s vision, mission, and goals. Our business plan experts will perform an intensive evaluation of the market by researching historical and projected sales, market potential, real estate, and local and state regulations. Then collaboratively work with company executives, managers, and operators to provide guidance, support, and advisement to develop an optimal business structure focused on scalability. Our team will help define or refine your goals and strategies and develop them into an efficient, profitable, and sustainable business plan and actionable step plan.

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