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Facility design is one of the most challenging and exciting chapters of starting a new cannabis business. Designing and building a facility, whether a cultivation facility, dispensary, or extraction lab, is a costly, complicated, and time-consuming process. Cultivation facilities are sophisticated purpose-built machines that perform dozens of essential functions, including maintaining environments with tight temperature and humidity controls, providing consistent and steady air circulation, performing rapid air exchanges, and preserving sanitation and security at all times. Dispensaries must be warm, welcoming, and inviting but also flexible and adaptable to cater to the many unique needs of patients and customers. Laboratories must be sterile, efficient, and safe. No matter which facility you plan to operate, there are hundreds of variables to consider throughout the design process. The facility design and engineering will have a significant impact on your operational efficiency, profitability, and the company’s overall financial success. Before the conceptual design process begins, Catalyst will perform zoning and market analysis to determine the facility size/layout and spec essential equipment such as power, HVAC, cultivation lighting, and water purity. Zoning laws are different in each municipality but may include location and square footage restrictions, safety and security rules, and even environmental regulations. Zoning requirements will undoubtedly play a meaningful role in the design of your facility. 

Catalyst BC provides design-assist services and works with architectural and engineering teams to ensure designs and calculations coincide with proven methods, equipment, and systems already operational in other world-class facilities. Many facility designs appear functional on a blueprint. However, design flaws quickly rear their ugly heads and impede and impact operations once operational or after several grow cycles. These flaws often reduce crop health and performance or, worse, can cause catastrophic crop failure. In addition, once a facility is operating, it can be challenging and extremely costly to change the mechanical systems or layout. Therefore, being hyper-diligent during the design phase is critical to ensure optimal functionality. However, without operational experience, it’s easy to oversimplify the facility design and equipment selection process. There are many considerations to evaluate when designing and engineering your facility. Relying on Catalyst BC operational experience can ensure that no detail goes unnoticed, and your facility (or facilities) operate with maximum efficiency, quality, and consistency.  

Depending on your company’s needs, Catalyst BC will collaborate with architects and engineers through every step of the design process, from zoning and market analysis to conceptual design through completion. Our team of experts will guide and design a purpose-built facility that maximizes workflow efficiency, employee productivity, accountability, while reducing the risk of internal and external contamination throughout the facility. To drive performance and operational excellence, Catalyst BC will incorporate Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies into the design process and the design itself. These methodologies focus on process efficiency and product quality by defining and mapping the value stream, establishing a smooth operational flow, eliminating waste, and pursuing perfection with the goal of unrestricted and consistent process flow. Without a systematic and free-flowing operation, production becomes unpredictable and bottlenecked, forcing haphazard decision making. Maintaining consistent quality, throughput, and workflow are all essential to the success of your business – and that starts with the facility design.

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