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To be awarded a cannabis business license is a significant accomplishment that requires a strong team and comprehensive application that exhibits a high level of aptitude with a willingness to grow, expand and prosper within the community. However, writing an application and turning the concepts within an application into an optimized, fully functional, and profitable operation are two different undertakings. It’s not uncommon for new cannabis operators to struggle with design, buildout, HR, operations, or all these efforts combined as they go from aspirational to operational. Furthermore, as the cannabis industry continues to evolve and spread its roots, it can be increasingly difficult for existing operators to keep up with the emerging competition, declining margins, and patients and customers’ ever-changing demands without optimizing and updating equipment, practices, and genetics. Catalyst BC can strategically guide operators through every phase of the supply chain to ensure facilities and processes are operating smoothly and efficiently.

For a cannabis business to attain its short and long-term goals, it is vital to build a flexible and adaptable team with a strong balance of proven legal, financial, operational, and cannabis-business expertise. Catalyst’s team of experts provides guidance and support for all types of cannabis business, including cultivation, retail, extraction, distribution, and delivery. Catalyst BC will develop a bespoke plan tailored to your operation and goals. This undertaking will establish baselines and standards and tracks improvements and KPIs that augment performance and support your business’s success. By conducting a thorough process evaluation, surveying key employees, and analyzing operational data, Catalyst BC will determine the most vital areas for operational improvement. We will call out potential threats, weaknesses, and missed opportunities and advise on process improvement to reduce inefficiencies and operational waste while improving quality and experience. After performing a complete functional assessment, Catalyst BC works directly with your team to develop a custom-tailored scope of work suited to your project’s needs and budget. Our operations advisors will improve and standardize best practices across departments in collaboration with your staff while providing hands-on “Kaizen” and “Six-sigma” based training and guidance to streamline your operational flow, maximize throughput, improve quality, and customer satisfaction. Complacency is never an option, and our team is eager to help optimize your operations and take your business to the next level.

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