Centum provides services and operational consulting to promote safety, efficiency, and compliance for cannabinoid based businesses once licensure is secured. Services include facility design assist, equipment recommendation, operational optimization, facility commissioning, standard operating procedures, employee training, inventory tracking and more.


Licensing Application

  • Master Project Planning
  • Content Development & Review
  • Customized Standard Operating Procedures
  • Strategic Guidance
  • Community Outreach

Facility Design

  • Design, Review, & Commissioning For Indoor or Greenhouse Cultivation Facility, Retail/Medical Dispensaries, & Manufacturing Facilities
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • A/E/C Advisory

Operations Consulting

  • Operational Advisement & Data Analysis
  • Production Planning & Optimization
  • Regulatory Compliance Support
  • Security Plans
  • Inventory Control & Seed-to-sale Tracking

Business Planning

  • Financial Planning & Modeling
  • Pitch Decks & Capital Formation Support
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Market Forecasting & Industry Intelligence
Allele forges traditional breeding with genomic mapping, tissue culture, and micropropagation techniques to implement breeding programs that produce unique and proprietary chemovars for businesses to maximize productivity and profit while de-risking and standardizing operations.

Cannabis Genetics Development

  • Proprietary Cultivar Development
  • Unique Chemotype Expression
  • Cannabinoid & Terpene Rich
  • Improved Cycle Time
  • Stabilization & Disease Resistance

Propagation & Breeding

  • Genetics Preservation
  • Micropropagation (Non-USA)
  • Targeted Pollination
  • Seed Production


  • Production Planning
  • Award Winning Genetics
  • Proven Performance
  • Unreleased & Exclusive Cultivars

Genetics Consulting

  • Maximize Productivity & Profitability
  • Induce Beneficial Growth Characteristics
  • Selection
  • Risk Management
Heart Wood was founded upon the pillars of genetic stability and operational excellence. Our goal is providing superior cannabinoid and terpene rich genetics, operational support, and go-to-market strategy for large scale hemp producers in the US and abroad.

Hemp Genetics

  • Proven Performance
  • Selection, Breeding, & Stabilization


  • Operational Guidance
  • LEAN Agriculture

Seed Production

  • Pollinations
  • High-Level CBD Production


  • Safe, Clean, & Consistent
  • Custom Product Formulation
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