Jul 17 2023

Jasper Development Group

Heartfelt Commendation for Catalyst-BC: A Beacon of Excellence

Ian and the entire Catalyst-BC Team,

I am typing this letter today not as a formality but rather as a sincere expression of the profound appreciation and respect for your team’s outstanding performance and service I, my cofounders, and our investors feel. The journey toward securing one of the hotly contested licenses for medical cannabis processing in Alabama was nothing short of a Herculean task. However, the remarkable feat we achieved was not just our triumph but a testament to the commitment, expertise, and sheer tenacity of the Catalyst-BC team. It is an honor to say that we didn’t just secure a license, but we secured the most distinguished one in our class, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your invaluable partnership.

Working on a stringent timeline, your team has shown us what it means to deliver under pressure. The one-month application process, which otherwise would have taken others a great deal more time, was managed with unwavering efficiency and precision. You stepped in where our team needed support and transcended all expectations. The poise and dedication you all exhibited have left an indelible impression on us all. We pride ourselves on having an accomplished team, yet I would be remiss not to acknowledge Catalyst-BC as the true MVP of this endeavor. Amidst the complex, competitive, and challenging landscape of the cannabis market, your team stood as a pillar of strength, steering us deftly toward our goal. The wealth of expertise and intellectual property Catalyst-BC brought to the table fortified our confidence, assuring us that failure was not an option. Your proven track record and the streamlined process became our guiding light, illuminating our path toward success.

As we venture into the initial buildout phase, the degree of support you’ve extended has been phenomenal. Your unwavering commitment to our project reinforces the truth that we didn’t just gain a consulting partner in Catalyst-BC, but an ally, a mentor, and a guiding force in our journey.

With utmost appreciation,

Tyler Robinson

Founder + CEO Jasper Development Group


by Tyler Robinson

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