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Allele Genetics is a genetic consulting services provider with a core mission to combine market-proven and non-market-exposed exclusive and proprietary cannabis genetics with advanced agricultural science to develop commercial cannabis cultivars that drive financial performance through maximization of revenue and minimization of costs.

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Allele Genetics

Allele Genetics possesses and/or can access a vast amount of agronomic data, experience relevant to the cannabis industry, covering both widely-known and rare cultivars that can augment any licensed cultivation operation. Allele Genetics is uniquely positioned to assist licensed growers in:

  • 1. Cultivar Selection With desired traits known to thrive in specific and sometimes challenging environments.
  • 2. Cultivar-Specific Best Practices To maximize genetic performance.
  • 3. Optimization Assistance That continues over time. Allele can help identify and source the highest quality genetic material, integrate genomic mapping and predictive breeding platforms, and utilize modern tissue culture procedures to provide turnkey genetics solutions that maximize profit and minimize risk for large-scale commercial cannabinoid production.

Genetic Improvement

Allele works alongside your cultivation team to identify specific genetic development and divergence needs to design and implement propagation and breeding programs that will produce unique and proprietary cultivars, providing maximized productivity, profitability, and market demand. We have developed a dynamic and growing portfolio of unique, exotic, and desirable cannabis genetics that exhibit elevated levels of resin content, terpenes, and cannabinoids (THCA, CBD, CBG, and CBC), short maturation times, mold and mildew resistance, high flower to trim ratios, and excellent extraction characteristics. Many of the cultivars our data cover have years of proven commercial viability in multiple markets under different cultivation methods. Using the latest genomic mapping, tissue culture, and micropropagation techniques, we provide proven cannabis genetics to licensed operators.

Service Offerings include:

  • Award-Winning & Proven Cannabis Genetics
  • Unreleased, Non-Market-Exposed Cannabis Genetics
  • Cannabis Genetics Development
  • Cannabis Genetics Preservation
  • Punnet-Based Breeding
  • Advanced Genomic Breeding Support
  • Marker-Assisted Breeding Selection Support
  • Micropropagation (International Legal Markets only)
  • Breeding Facility Design
  • Breeding Strategy
  • Pollination and Feminization Strategy
  • Seed Production
  • Genetics Consulting
  • Genetics Selection
  • Production Planning
  • Germplasm Identification and Acquisition Assistance

Genetic Services

We will works alongside your cultivation team to identify specific genetic development and divergence needs to design and implement propagation and breeding programs.

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