Feb 7 2022

Prima Clones

To Whom It May Concern,
My businesses, Fast Flower Farms and Prima, are licensed Michigan cannabis operations focused on premium marijuana flower and ultra-premium solventless (ice water) hash products. Ian at Catalyst was among my first phone calls when I began setting up my operations, and his advice cannot be understated in value to me. I had originally planned to invest in a certain set of infrastructure and operations during the beginning of COVID and Ian helped me to re-orient to a less capital-intensive model that kept my investment limited in scope and safe.
In our discussions, Ian introduced the concept of solventless extraction and nursery operations as less competitive and less capital-intensive spaces. That kind of advice is priceless. Ian was careful in introducing Allele as to not create any conflicts, but the idea of tested “proven winners” helped avoid the costs, time, and hassle of hunting through thousands of alternatives.
Catalyst BC then assisted us with a limited set of SOPs and specialized Work Instructions for our needs. We’re small, so we had to be frugal with costs. The content was excellent and fundamental to our operations today. While I expected the Allele material to be good, my company, Prima, performs additional testing for HpLVd and we found the Allele material to be clean of Hops Latent, meaning it could be used immediately.
My businesses are in ramping stage, but my team and I are grateful to Catalyst and Allele for the support and their fast delivery of results and the licensing costs with Allele cover themselves many times over. Our reality has been an inability to keep up with demand, which is a good problem to have.

Nate Niehuus


Prima Clones

by Nate Niehuus

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