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A cannabis brand is much more than a logo – it should deliver a clear, consistent, and authentic message that holds to the business’s mission, values, and goals to establish strong relationships with customers, employees, and local communities. In our estimation, we see an incredible opportunity to bring an authentic, cohesive, and well-crafted story from genetic selection to final product presentation to consumers. We envision that this specific task will pay off exponentially and provide a significant source of differential advantage.

Catalyst BC will work collaboratively to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, brand collateral, and KPIs to measure effectiveness and ensure a pipeline of sales opportunities and partnerships by combining non-proprietary data, operational best practices, and market trends developed from direct exposure to top tier multi-national cannabis operations and international markets. Utilizing this data and market information, Catalyst BC will make operational, marketing, and product mix recommendations to ensure consumer interest, optimal performance, and more significant margins. Collaboratively, we will develop a tailored marketing strategy and plan that encompasses: Brand & Product Development, Design & Packaging, Positioning, Channel Strategy, Distribution & Logistics, Key Messaging, Team Development, Sales Strategy & Processes, Public Relations Strategy, Content Creation & Management.

The cannabis industry has a great deal of nuance and is rapidly evolving and changing. You often have just one chance to capture consumers’ attention before they seek out alternatives. Therefore, ensuring your message is clear, focused on the target audience, and effectively communicates customer value proposition is imperative. Catalyst will leverage its decades of experience to best position the company and brands based on vision, opportunities, market trends, product mix, dosages, packaging to best drive long-term strategic objectives.

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