Centum Cannabis Consulting
Oct 2 2020

Centum: A Division of Catalyst BC

Centum provides support services and operational advisement to promote safety, efficiency, and compliance for cannabis and hemp businesses from conception through execution. If you are looking to open a hemp or marijuana dispensary, cultivation facility, or manufacturing facility, relying on Centum’s proven experience can help you secure a license to start a cannabis business and ensure its long-term success and sustainability. Services include:

Licensing Application Support

Centum will provide everything from subject matter expertise to full-service management, including a comprehensive Master Project Plan (MPP) to guide the entire application process. Our team of industry professionals will create a compelling and robust application to maximize the chances of being awarded a merit-based license. Utilizing our professional industry experience has proven successful and profitable for many licensed operations worldwide. The Centum Team brings together some of the most talented and experienced cannabis professionals in the word, including award-winning cannabis cultivators, scientists, and successful business owners that can bolster and add operational expertise to your team.

  • Master Project Planning 
  • Site Selection
  • Content Development and Review
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Strategic Guidance
  • Community Outreach
  • Job Descriptions and Talent Acquisition
  • Startup Commissioning
  • Advisement & Executive Board Representation

Facility Design and Review

The Centum team will collaborate with your architects and engineers from conception through completion to guide the design of your purpose-built facility towards maximum output, workflow efficiency, employee productivity, and accountability; while reducing internal and external contamination throughout the facility.

  • Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Advisory
  • Initial conceptual space planning
  • Conceptual and design-development assistance
  • Equipment Recommendations and specification suggestions
  • General review of workflows and space planning
  • Indoor Cultivation Facility Design
  • Greenhouse Cultivation Facility Design
  • Adult-Use/Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensary Design
  • Manufacturing Facility Design
  • Construction proposal review

Business Planning and Development

Operating a successful cannabis business requires a diligent and attentive team with a detailed and agile business plan. Centum will work with your accountant and finance teams to build a proforma financial model, including income statements, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. We will develop a customized business plan and mitigate financial risk through efficient procedures, regulatory compliance management, business structuring, financial modeling, and marketing strategies. Our team will provide historical inputs to develop financial models specific to selected corporate structure, facility, and general market conditions. Combining financial models with the MPP and other created content, Centum can assist with raising adequate capital for the proposed operations and operational plan.

  • Business Plan Content and Development
  • Financial Planning & Modeling
  • Pitch Decks
  •  & Capital Formation Support
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Market Forecasting & Industry Intelligence

Operations Consulting and Oversight

A hands-on, collaborative effort from the Centum team to provide industry expertise, standard operating procedures, advisement, and training of best practices that will drive your cannabis or hemp business to success. Our experienced team of breeders, growers, and extraction specialists will interface with your operations and executive teams to collect and analyze data and provide solutions, direction, and advisement based on best practices and LEAN Agriculture principals.

  • Operational Advisement & Data Analysis
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Production Planning & Optimization
  • Regulatory Compliance Support
  • Security Plans
  • Inventory Control & Seed-to-Sale Tracking
  • Employee Training

Product and Supply Chain Strategy

Leveraging Centum’s experience, data, and market intelligence, we will support and make recommendations on procedures, techniques, marketing, and product mix to ensure your marijuana or hemp business thrives.

  • Product Development
  • Market Intelligence and Forecasting
  • Distribution & Supply Chain Integrity
  • Accelerated Inventory Turnover
  • Custom Formulations & Market Differentiation
  • Brand IP

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