Allele Genetic Development
Oct 3 2020

Allele: A Division of Catalyst BC

Allele’s core mission is to combine marketproven cannabis genetics with modern agricultural science with the goal of developing commercial cannabis cultivars to maximize product quality and drive financial performance.  Allele sources the highest quality genetic material then, integrates genomic mapping and predictive breeding platforms, and utilizes modern tissue culture procedures to provide turnkey genetics solutions that maximize profit and minimize risk for large-scale commercial cannabinoid production.  


Genetics Improvement:

Allele will work alongside your cultivation team to identify specific genetic development needs in order to design and implement propagation and breeding programs that will produce unique and proprietary cultivars, providing maximized productivity and profitability. We have developed a dynamic and growing portfolio of unique, exotic and desirable cannabis genetics that exhibit elevated levels of resin content, terpenes, and cannabinoids (THC-A, CBD, CBG, and CBC). Our cultivars have years of proven commercial viability in multiple markets utilizing many types of cultivation methods.  We will work with you to determine your company’s specific genetic needs and implement breeding programs that produce unique and proprietary cultivars that allow you to maximize productivity and profit.  By using the latest genomic mapping, laboratory grade tissue culture and micropropagation techniques we are providing science backed cannabis genetics to a modern market.

Service offerings include:

  • Award Winning & Proven Cannabis Genetics 
  • Unreleased, Non-Market Exposed Cannabis Genetics 
  • Cannabis Genetics Development 
  • Cannabis Genetics Preservation 
  • Micropropagation (International only)
  • Targeted Pollination 
  • Seed Production 
  • Genetics Consulting 
  • Genetics Selection 
  • Production Planning 

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