Ian Miller

Ian Miller

Chief Executive Officer


Ian Miller is a serial entrepreneur whose professional, educational and personal experiences have helped shaped his career and positioned him as a striking leader in the cannabis industry. His journey to and through the cannabis space began with his formal education, having completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Architectural Design, with a concentration in accounting, and went on to complete his Master of Science degree in Building Construction, both from the University of Florida. Ian also co-created the Molecular Genetics degree path at the University of Florida’s Honor College, and through the conceiving of the program, gained an intensive background in genetics, horticulture, and accounting.

After college, Ian found great success in managing ultra-high-end construction projects in the Miami Beach area, executing extremely detailed projects up to $18,000 per sq. Meter. After a variety of increasing-responsibility positions in the construction industry, including founding two successful construction firms, Ian joined Merchant Services LTD as a Vice President and Macro-Procurement Specialist. In this position, Ian maintained all external and internal sales and marketing relationships across over 300 points of contact, as well as provided training and support for the company and organization-wide sales efforts. As macro-Procurement Specialist, Ian assisted internal and external business procurement to include all referral partners and acquisition of merchant business from $5 million to $2 billion annually.

Ian then went on to join the Alpha (founding) Team of Loop, Inc., now known as Samsung Pay. At Loop, Ian ran a hugely successful Kickstarter-based crowdfunding campaign as well as provided the design, consulting and initial fabrication of the physical form-factor which, in large part, is responsible for the success of the company in the consumer market. It was also during this time that Ian and a partner brought the world’s only serial-production carbon-fiber yacht manufacturer from Sweden to North America, successfully integrating cross-cultural and cross-Atlantic teams for a successful enterprise.

Ian entered the cannabis industry as Founder and CEO of the Solace Companies, a wholesale-vertically-integrated unlimited cannabis licensee in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ian worked tirelessly in raising $22 million in private equity to develop a greenfield, bespoke cannabis cultivation, and processing operation including advanced predictive current control (PCC) and predictive torque control (PTC), as well as highly advanced extraction and manufacturing technologies. The Solace Companies received the only ever flawless license-activation inspections in the state, won Best Operator and Best Concentrate only seven months after initiating operations, and continues to serve as the benchmark for “pharma-grade” medical and adult-use cannabis production in the state.

As Chief Executive Officer of Catalyst BC, Ian will combine his professional experiences of exceeding goals, entrepreneurship, operations and strategic success with his aspirations to provide fulfilling jobs and support the local community to ensure the ongoing ingenuity of, and innovation by, Catalyst BC in the ever-expanding and evolving cannabis industry.

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