Eric Forington

Eric Forington

Director of Genetics & Breeding


With over 20 years of cultivation experience, Eric Forington brings an immense amount of ingenuity, expertise, and passion to the Catalyst BC team in his role as Director of Genetics & Breeding. Eric has successfully bred cannabis varietals for over a decade, with over half of that time focused on developing genetics for state-licensed medicinal and recreational markets.

In 2011, Eric founded 303 Seeds, one of the first legally-licensed seed companies in his home state of Colorado. At 303 Seeds, Eric has focused efforts on operational procedures for plant propagation and pollination in highly-sensitive and controlled environments, as well as overseen the execution of those procedures at multiple licensed cultivation facilities across Colorado. Today, 303 Seeds is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and has expanded operations into numerous legal states across the country. Because of its repeated ground-breaking genetic developments in both medicinal and recreational industries, it remains at the forefront of cannabis genetics in the United States.

In 2012, after more than a decade and countless hours of cannabis R&D, Eric shifted his focus from the psychoactive cannabinoid compound THC to also include non-psychoactive cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN. His breeding work and developed genetics, which have won several cannabis industry awards, have boasted some of the highest lab-tested CBD and CBG plant specimens known in the cannabis market. Eric has also worked to develop industrial hemp varietals, secured by the University of Colorado as part of their Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative.

Beyond his expertise and experience in breeding and genetics development, Eric also possesses a heightened acuity in project development and management, sales and marketing operations, and compliance. As Director of Genetics & Breeding, Eric will implement and expand his already vast skillset in horticulture, medicinal and recreational cannabis markets and business development. By bringing a diverse and established a portfolio of tested, premium cannabis and hemp genetics to his position, he will allow the Catalyst BC team to continue to distinguish clients as cannabis leaders in their legal state.

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